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Process Excellence Conferences To Attend This Fall

Posted on August 20 , 2018

Process excellence is not achieved overnight and requires innovation and persistence. As a process improvement leader, you know the benefits of attending conferences to meet up with other PI experts to exchange ideas.

We present at several key events each year and enjoy meeting PI leaders from all industries. In fact, we’ll be attending several events in the next few months. If you plan to attend one or more of these events, here are a few key recommendations to help you optimize your time. We look forward to having insightful discussions about how to more efficiently implement and scale PI initiatives in your organization.


OPEX Summer Business Transformation Leaders Summit 2018
Dates: August 27-29

This is one of the premier conferences in the process excellence world. Which means there will be a lot going on. Before you go to the conference, take a second to download the agenda and mark the sessions you want to attend. There will be four sessions going on simultaneously at any given time.

If you are attending with your team, designate which members of the team will attend which sessions. Even if you are attending the conference alone, you can divide your time into 30-minute segments so you can attend twice as many sessions.

While at the conference, be sure to stop by OpusWorks - Booth #8. Plus – mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 29th @ 11:35am for our case study session with Kristin Clarke Batoy - Manager, Enterprise Continuous Improvement Center of Excellence, Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Deploying Blended Learning for Operational Excellence - Track A: Strategy Transformation.


2018 Center Best Practice Conference
Dates: September 12-14

The 2018 Center Best Practice Conference is put on by The Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence, a subsidiary of ASMC. It is aimed at all MEP Center staff. The niche nature of this conference makes it one of the best places for you to network and learn.

This conference serves as a way for the MEP Center to share best practices with other MEP professionals. The event is jam-packed with sessions, but they do not overlap.

One insider tip is to utilize your lunch breaks to your advantage. These breaks are a great time for networking. At the beginning of each lunch break, you will hear from a speaker, but once the speaker finishes, don’t let that time go to waste. Talk to people around you about their processes and what they are doing differently.

Meet up with OpusWorks at our booth. We look forward to seeing you.


2018 NCATC - 30th Anniversary -  Fall Conference
Dates: September 19-21

If you are in the Higher Education industry and an NCATC member, then we’ll see you at the 2018 NCATC Fall Conference. This year is the 30th anniversary, so the conference stands to be bigger and better than in previous years. There will be booths spread out throughout the conference and a large mix of exhibitors.

To get the most out of this conference, make sure to plan out which booths you want to visit in advance. At this conference, its quality over quantity. Take the time to have in-depth conversations with a few key exhibitors.

Stop by to chat with our OpusWorks team.To learn more about our blended learning solutions, pre-schedule your personal demonstration today.


AME San Diego International Conference
Dates: October 29-November 1

This conference is where industry leaders come to meet with other like-minded executives. It features several different exhibits, tours and sessions you can join. As with other conferences, it’s important to plan in advance which sessions will be most valuable to attend.

The most pivotal part of this conference is the networking events that take place every evening. Skip getting dinner on your own and take advantage of being around some of the most influential people in the industry by attending these nightly networking events.

As a sponsor of AME, we will be very active at the conference. Join our OpusWorks product showcase session on Tuesday, October 30th@ 10:35am.  Learn more about our turn-key courses for AME members here.

Final Thoughts

Conferences are only as beneficial as you make them. Follow these simple tips to ensure you get the most out of this conference season. We'll share our Spring 2019 schedule at the beginning of the year. And don’t forget to stop by our booths and attend our sessions to learn more about our custom blended learning solutions and project execution tools. At OpusWorks we can help your organization accelerate skill-building, transform culture, and increase return on investment.

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