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Rapidly Scale Your Continuous Improvement Projects

Posted on May 16 , 2018

The best transformation leaders are always looking for ways to scale initiatives. Finding the right combination of custom, quality content that’s quick to implement and scalable can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The most important piece of any process improvement scaling initiative is training the whole team. This is a critical element to a successful project scaling initiative, and the most crucial component of training is ensuring everyone is working towards the same end using the same content.

The most efficient way to accomplish this is by engaging a specialized training platform that includes blended learning, but beware, all blended learnings are not created equal.

At OpusWorks, we have a philosophy – “blended learning is better learning.” Blended learning ensures all process improvement components are covered while providing the personalization each individual's needs to problem-solve effectively.

OpusWorks blended learning combines the benefits of hands-on, instructor-led teaching with interactive self paced online modules, allowing for higher quality outcomes in shorter time frames. You get the best of both methods.

Based on our proven Blended Learning Approach, OpusWorks has developed three turnkey courses that offer:

  1. Easy access to a digital, self-sufficient platform
  2. Accountability, with consistent status and knowledge checks
  3. Customization, through the ability to mold your curriculum to fit your organizational culture and vernacular
  4. Quality training

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Problem Solving Essentials 

This virtual blended learning course is a great place to start for improving the problem-solving skills of your organization and building a legacy of process excellence. Using powerful, proven techniques (like the PDCA four-stage model for continuous improvement, the Go 4 It problem-solving framework, and more) and engaging with expert instructors, this class will empower your people to become first-rate problem solvers while learning basic Lean Principles.

Lean Six Sigma Basic Team Leader (Green Belt Certification)

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful and highly effective method for improving the efficiency of your business operations. In this course, your team will learn the basics of this highly effective process improvement approach. They will walk away with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and the skills they need to reduce waste, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your bottom line.

Lean Six Sigma Advance Team Leader (Black Belt Certification)

This course is perfect for anyone looking to become an expert in the Lean Six Sigma approach to problem-solving. Best suited for those leading complex projects, this course covers advanced tools and techniques that will give your people the confidence to continually manage change and lead transformation. 

Our turnkey classes are available in a blended learning format for teams that are ready to take the next step in their journey toward becoming better problem solvers. Let us help you stay ahead of your organization’s process improvement challenges.

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