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6 Signs Your Team Needs Help with Problem Solving

Posted on June 5 , 2018

Problem solving. Ironically, it's one of the hardest issues to solve in today’s fast-paced, digital business culture. Successful problem solving identifies the right problem, examines root causes, considers risk, and devises a plan to optimize processes - all to ensure optimal processes and business results. Complex solutions can bog down teams who are not equipped to recognize root causes and lack the tools needed to execute.

Here are 6 signs your team needs to revamp their problem solving skills:

1. Their focus strayed from the customer. This may be the ultimate snag in process improvement. If your team has issues with problem solving, frustration will prevail. And that likely means your customers aren’t so happy either. If your team loses sight of what your business was built to do and, most importantly, who it was built for, they will not be able to act with intention.

2. They aren’t communicating. If all this change is happening, but no one is talking about it, you will be left with a jumbled mess of tasks, processes, and ideas. Making communication a top priority ensures that every member of your team is on the same page and is more prepared in the face of an obstacle.

3. They lack confidence. Your team might have all kinds of ideas that could improve business processes, but they may lack the confidence to disrupt the norm. With the right guide, your team could gain the necessary confidence to contribute to a solution.

4. They’re stuck in a static mindset. If the messages you’re receiving from your team are that no changes need to be made, there’s a strong possibility potential improvements are being missed. Even when current processes are producing the right deliverables, there are always ways to improve.

5. They aren’t working together. Teams are effective for a reason. No single person can run a successful business by him or herself. Collaboration goes hand in hand with communication. It is important to listen to new ideas from team members at all levels, because you never know what perspective they will bring.

6. They don’t have the right leadership. A great leader will enhance a team’s outputs. If the leader is not on board with or is not equipped to manage the right solutions, the company can suffer.

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In the name of proactivity, strategically assess your team and identify where improvements can be made, so you can curate the right program for your team.

To help you avoid long-term damage to your business, OpusWorks has created three turn-key classes to help your team rise to the next level in problem solving, all the while improving their skills in collaboration, communication, and company engagement:

Problem Solving Essentials

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Lean Six Sigma Advanced Team Leader (Black Belt Certification)

Best suited for those leading complex projects, the advanced tools and techniques covered in this course will give your people the confidence to continually manage change and lead transformation.

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