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How High Value Content Can Accelerate Your Team’s Success

Posted on June 19 , 2018

Research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70 percent of all large scale business transformation programs fail due to lack of engagement. One of the biggest reasons is companies don’t have the right process improvement training in place to keep employees engaged for the long haul.

Dozens of elements may be important to you when identifying the right training solution for your business. Personalization, volume of modules, ease of access, and the list goes on. Regardless, interactive content, expertly prepared and easily scaled, trumps all other factors.

Blended learning is not new, yet very few institutions are doing it right. The best blended learning includes a combination of virtual modules for learning and instructor-led courses for application that deliver the one critical ingredient for scaling continuous improvement - quality.

The OpusWorks blended learning methodology goes one step further. Modules are self-paced, minimizing workflow disruption. High-quality content is delivered through this enhanced blended learning and designed to keep employees engaged, no matter what their role or department function.

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Blended Learning 101.

Typically, there are two types of training methods used by enterprises today: Traditional classroom-based learning and e-learning. A traditional classroom setting is ideal if you’re looking for instructor-led courses and in-person collaboration, but travel costs and time commitment challenges can get in the way of successful implementation. Web-based training solves the problem of convenience, but it is easy for students to get lost among the countless modules and materials they have to keep up with, making it harder for teams to retain the information they’ve learned.

Which begs the question. What if you could get the best of both worlds?

Our Approach.

At OpusWorks, we believe our blended learning is better learning. Our experts have spent decades perfecting our process improvement training solutions, and have all personally experienced or taught some version of enterprise-level problem solving, Lean, Six Sigma and Green and Black Belt courses. Interactive modules and instructor led training help get organizations ramp up for successful deployment. OpusWorks customers have the right process improvement training in place to support immediate application.

Our Solutions.

Through our quality Blended Learning Approach, we’ve created three turn-key courses that are taught by experts in the industry and reduce class time by 50 percent. Courses make use of frequent progress checks, interactive games and message boards, and post-lesson exams to test your team’s knowledge at critical points.

Quality blended learning programs can revitalize your team’s passion for the organization and their day-to-day job responsibilities. It’s our job to make sure your organization’s team members remain an active participant in your process improvement initiatives, and ultimately, become more productive contributors to the business.

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