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3 Ways Blended Learning Enhances Process Improvement Training for Colleges

Posted on October 1 , 2018

Colleges constantly look to provide Process Improvement training to meet the needs of surrounding businesses. Implementing a blended learning approach can help colleges scale and serve as a resource for businesses. Here we highlight the successes our customers have achieved partnering with OpusWorks to sell and deliver process improvement training to their clients.

Impacts Expansion. 
To provide on-going value to your community, it’s important to continually expand the programs you offer. Albany Technical College saw the potential to grow by providing a local military base with a customized Lean Six Sigma program. The college needed a curriculum, so they outsourced the content for development to OpusWorks. OpusWorks customized the program for use on an e-Learning platform. Academic Dean Dr. Steve Edison validated the program's success when he realized the students understood and implemented Six Sigma. "[They] begin to evaluate everything from the standpoint of improving processes and controlling waste." As a result, the program experienced significant growth. Read the full story here.

Provides Student Support. 
BridgeValley Community and Technical College (BVCTC) wanted to expand into the healthcare industry. To do so, the college needed to enhance their healthcare industry knowledge and experience to support students effectively. As a solution, the college offered a training course in partnership with OpusWorks. BVCTC's SVP Jeff Wyco saw the success of the partnership with the Problem Solving Essentials class. The class is a turn-key solution to equips leaders and teams with the skills they need to solve everyday problems. The blended approach allowed for class expansion in the following year, allowing BVCTC to be a resource to the healthcare community. Read the full story here.

Increases Revenue. 
Colleges need to develop the right tools for students to attract and retain their enrollment levels. The University of Tulsa implemented a blended learning program with OpusWorks to enhance the quality of their Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training and develop the necessary tools. University of Tulsa director Linda Adlof explained the success of the partnership by noting that "OpusWorks programs [are] superior on both counts [of curriculum strength and its instructors' ability]." By partnering with OpusWorks, the university created a highly effective and well-recognized program that generated revenue for the school's business development center. Read the full story here.

Customized Blended Learning. 
The insights drawn from some of our customers provide background on the significant financial impact training delivers to colleges. By taking advantage of OpusWorks’ customized platform and blended learning approach, process improvement leaders in the education industry can help their organizations expand and grow.

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