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Resolving the 6 Most Common Business Process Challenges

Posted on October 16 , 2018

New technologies are disrupting today’s business landscape as organizations are searching for innovative solutions to improve workforce skills and business processes. Here are the most common business process challenges organizations face with tips on skill-building tools and training to transform productivity and increase return on investment:


Effective problem solving. Every day front-line managers and supervisors are faced with problems that must be solved and different managers take different approaches. Applying a basic problem-solving framework and basic Lean principles, can improve your team’s problem-solving abilities.


Scaling with intention. Large companies are usually great at standardizing and automating processes, however, what they miss is iterating those processes over time. Scaling with intention means being open to change, both internal and external, and adjusting accordingly.


Delegating tasks. Many change leaders and C-level executives must put trust in their managers to implement process improvement initiatives and operationalize project execution. Understanding process improvement principles will give your managers a leg up in implementation.


Hiring the right people. Many companies struggle with recruiting and retainment of the right employees. You need to develop a training program that ensures the people you are hiring are a good fit and equips your workforce with marketable skills to inspire employees to continuously learn.


Driving change. Change is constant. You need a workforce that is able to shift, slow down and accelerate on their projects. As well as implement crucial process improvements.


Retaining Talent. Once you’ve attracted the right people, you will want to retain them. Engage and retain top talent by investing in their education and professional growth. With the right tools, your team will be able to snuff out any operational fire that challenges your company and they will feel invested in the company’s overall success.

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