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Convince Your Boss On The Green Belt Certification - The Complete Guide

Posted on May 9 , 2019


The Challenge

In previous talks with current and former students, one of the biggest obstacles facing organizations and their employees in getting Green Belt Certified is receiving buy-in from leadership.

As with any professional certification, the conversation is centered firmly around value. Your boss will want to break out the calculator and question the investment from every side: Cost? ROI? Tangible impact? Time required to complete? Applicable course content?

At OpusWorks®, we’ve removed these barriers with a Green Belt Certification Course that adapts to you. Let’s take a look:  

How to Use This Guide

1. Examine the course overview along with a case study and to find synergies between your manager’s or company’s goals and how this Green Belt Certification can impact them.

2. Check out pro tips from actual OpusWork® students to better advocate for yourself and your case for the Green Belt Certification.

3. Peruse the common objections on page 2, so you can address opposing viewpoints or skepticism with ease.

4. Once you’ve done your homework and prepared your case, share it with your manager; preferably in person!

Objections we missed? Need more help? Email olivia@opusworks.com

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Pro Tips from OpusWorks® Students

Pro tip #1 - Use topics on the course agenda to highlight the opportunity cost of you not attending.

Pro tip #2 - Come to the discussion with your manager prepared with a plan for how your projects and responsibilities will be managed in sync with the course.

Pro tip #3 - Understand the flexible course options. OpusWorks® combines an all-virtual, blended, or in-person course format.


Famous Objections + How You Can Handle Them

Here are some common objections we’ve heard from our bosses and how to respond to them

Objection #1: “The certification is too expensive.”

Response: The OpusWorks® Green Belt Certification Course is offered in a blended, all-virtual learning format, which means that there are no travel costs involved. This translates to a bigger, faster ROI. Their case studies show course ROI reach upwards of 20x for their participants.

Objection #2: “It’s just like any other Lean Six Sigma class.”

Response:  While many professional certifications have a cookie-cutter mentality to all of their course participants, OpusWorks® Lean Six Sigma learnings adapts to the students. It incorporates customizable content from our team or myself and encourages us to apply course methodologies to our own real-world situations in a rigorous and interactive format. This means that I'll be working on overarching strategic goals for our company while I'm training so billable time isn't lost.

Objection #3: “It’s too much time away from work.”

Response: Above all else, OpusWorks® understands the value of time. I can take the course via an all-virtual, blended learning platform that allows me to complete modules at my own pace. Additionally, I've already prepared a plan of how I’ll cover my responsibilities in the little time I’m away.

“Process improvement isn’t meant for a few individuals with the title. It is meant to be adopted and enforced as a team.” - Rob Stewart, CEO

Wouldn’t it be great to transform our team into an army of skilled process improvement advocates. This is that first step.

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