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How to Return Value to Your Company

Posted on March 14 , 2019

Businesses want to see a high return on investment and value to reduce waste and variation within day-to-day business operations. A collective focus on process excellence, driven by leaders well versed in problem & process resolutions, helps your business achieve its goals.

Companies can expect a number of benefits from employees who are well trained in identifying problem areas and the solutions to correct them. Benefits include inspired problem solvers, data driven decisions that yield great productivity with less spend, and expert future leaders – in short, permanent solutions instead of quick fixes.

Read more to understand how to return value to your company with training for your team.

Root Cause Corrective Analysis (RCCA) Class

Your team will learn the importance of utilizing a problem solving process known as Root Cause Corrective Analysis to identify the source of systemic problems and the steps necessary to build a permanent solution. Our focus is to build solutions that not only solve the problem at hand but build solutions that also increase your team's efficiency and produce a more quality output. 

$200K Increase in ROI

RCCA is designed to teach people how to solve complex problems using advanced tools and process improvement solutions. Overall, this course gives recipients the skills they need to transform company culture, increase ROI, and compile the best problem-solving skills. For example, one of our previous RCCA classes resulted in a team identifying poor maintenance and house-keeping as the main driver behind delayed customer deliveries. Once addressed, they immediately saw a $200,000 benefit.

For those of you who fully embrace process improvement, RCCA adds value to both your career and your company in the long-term. By using proven analysis techniques you can deliver high value to the company in cost savings and cost avoidance associated with ongoing operations and expenses, and can positively impact business decisions.

The Bottom Line

At OpusWorks, it is our mission to equip you with the resources to solve complex problems and transform your organization through our scalable blended learning solution. Our RCCA class is designed to be student-centric, non-disruptive, and highly collaborative – giving you the best results at the lowest possible cost. Try our RCCA class for FREE with this quick 10-page Module.

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